Friday, August 10, 2012

Forever 21, Cameras and Shoes!

Today we went out to finally get our camera!!! And when I say we, I mean my sister and I. lol We finally have a pretty good camera since Evanescence is coming to town! \^_^/ I'm so excited to finally see her live, that is like a dream come true. :) And with this bad boy I'm hoping to get really good shots of her and record some of my favorite songs! I'm so excited to use this >///<
After we picked up the camera we stopped by Forever 21 to take a look at the jewelry!  I've been looking at their website for a while now, and found out that they have some nice jewelry there for really good prices. :)  I just bought a necklace and a pair of earrings, along with a mud mask!
I love owls and I regret not buying the ring >_<
Has anyone used this face mask before and is it good??? I don't want to try it on and then break out!

Then i bought these really cute shoes!!! I am so loving them right now and here is another pic with how it looked with my outfit <3 

 Please excuse my nails!!! I wasn't paying attention and  now I've just realized how hideous my nails look with the nail polish chipping off lol but i can't retake this pic since I took this during the day and it's now night time and I'm in my pjs! >-<

Well that is all for today everyone!!! I think I will enjoy a good book for the rest night, then head on to bed! Bye Bye for now <3 ^_^/ 

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