Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back To School!!!

Well tomorrow is going to be the 27th of August, and for some people like me, that means BACK TO SCHOOL!  Yes I know the horror, but it is something we must all go through. :p  I feel nervous yet excited to go back. Now hold your horses let me explain first before you start gasping in horror, the reason for that is because it would be my first day of college!  I really want to get the feel of College Life, which is why I am kind of excited for school to start.  As for the whole nervous part, well I don't really know what to expect, since it's my first time attending classes with not only people my age, but with other adults to.  So it is something I'll just have to wait and see.  On the bright side I only have 1 or 2 classes a day, so the remaining of the day I can be lazy,(once I finish my homework first that is).
I need to go to bed early today so can wake up feeling refresh tomorrow.  Now that is something I really don't look forward to, but what can you do. t(-_-t)  So before I do go to bed I must enjoy myself while i still can.  So I'll surf the net, continue making my bracelet, watch some tv/movies and paint my nails!!! Which I already did on one hand, it has the yin yang design on my left hand.  Whereas my my right hand I haven't quite decided yet but I will soon.  I'll be looking on YT for any cool designs! Yah \^_^/

It's a bit blurry but yeah that is my end results!!! I am quite happy with how it turned out because this way my second try today.
Well that's all I have to say for today, I'm off to enjoy what I have left of the day since it's already 8:00 pm.  Maybe I'll post on how my first day of school went tomorrow. :) Well until next time, 
Crystal ^-^

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