Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ova's and Tv shows

So I have finally got around to finishing the complete first season of Vampire Diaries!

It is such an amazing series.  I highly recommend it to everyone, you will not get bored of it at all!  It always keeps you on your toes wondering what else can they possibly shock you with. I'll soon start season 2 but I'm going to give it a break because I know I will finish watching it quickly, and I want to take my time. Because we don't have the complete season 3, which I think isn't out in stores yet if I'm not mistaken?  I prefer to watch everything all together.  The series really is good, they always have you asking for more what with all the secrets that little town has! haha  So it's a must watch!!! ^_^/

 So in the mean time I'm occupying myself with books and OVA's.  The most recent one I've watched was just the cutest thing I have ever seen.  The name of it is called Nagareboshi Lens!!!  It's about 17-19 minutes long. Sadly it couldn't be any longer but great never the less.  The main character Risa  has no experience in love and wants to find that special someone who "sparkles" in her eyes.  (You know like when you "hear" bells with that special someone.) Well after a crash to a window she meets this boy name Yuugure.  The two pretty much hit it off from there and the story continues with their sweet and cute innocent love!
There is also a Manga for this OVA, which goes in way deeper to their story, but at the moment there is only 6 chapters!

(pictures where taken from Google)

well it's already 2:011 a.m over here and so I should really hit the hay
goodnight/morning to you all depending on where your at :)
          Sayonara Minna-san \^_^/